Coding and Robotics Club


LCS harnessed the need for quality afterschool programming with the excitement students have for designing, building, and programming robots, offering an enrichment program with plenty of hands-on learning while still providing a platform to support the creative individuality of each student and special surprises along the way.




Jessie Delapp, Club Leader


Sarah Everts, Club Leader

Girls on the Run


Young ladies learn self-esteem and fitness in this running club.


Jennifer Freeman, Club Leader


Math 24

Students look for patterns to make 24 using all mathematical operations.


MonicaGriffin, Club Leader


Healthy Snacks

1-2-students will create and get to eat healthy fun snacks they could make at home as well.


Jennifer Freeman, Club Leader


GwenGreathouse, Club Leader


AliceGriffin, Club Leader



1-5-fun in the dirt and in the greenhouse!


BrendaFowler, Club Leader


Crafts (3-5)

Having fun making things!


Taylor Cranford, Club Leader



Students will learn sign language and have fun!


Lanett Holmes, Club Leader


Derezma Little, Club Leader


Sewing (1-2)

Students will participate in different types of simple sewing activities that may include making a pencil case, pillow, ornament, tic tac toe board.


Jennifer Nelson, Club Leader


Michelle Tysinger, Club Leader


Doris Stout, Club Leader




Scrapbooking (1-2)

Students participate in creating scrapbooking projects.


Melissa Springer, Club Leader


Sarah Everts, Club Leader


Cynthia Young, Club Leader



Students make and play with puppets.


Katherine Doub, Club Leader


Victoria Durham, Club Leader


Odyssey of the Mind

Problem based teamwork which involves creating objects to solve a problem. Involves problem solving, cooperative work, and logic.

Leigh Humphrey, Club Leader


A’kashaJenkins, Club Leader


Kind Kids

Students will create things for others to show kindness and appreciation.


Jesse Delapp, Club Leader


Terri Sosebee, Club Leader


Terri Lamb, Club Leader


Fitness (3-5)

Students participate in fitness related activities.


Jeremy Ritter, Club Leader


Kelly Stephenson, Club Leader


Ashley Craver, Club Leader


Art (3-5)

Students create art projects


Kalaya White, Club Leader


JeongAlexander, Club Leader


Just Dance (3-5)

Students get together to Just Dance.


Alicia Roberson, Club Leader


Line Designs

Students are creating sketches of designs and patterns.


Becky Byerly, Club Leader


Glee Club

Students will be singing and dancing


Katie Brinton, Club Leader


Crafts (1-2)

Having fun making things!!!

Sha Mosely, Club Leader


Christen Lee, Club Leader



Movie Fun!


Yvonnia McIntosh, Club Leader


Willette Owens, Club Leader