Our School's FTO, which stands for Family Teacher Organization, strives to improve student learning by providing a communication source between parents and teachers. We are geared up and excited about a New Year and a New Opportunity to work with our learners and families as we embrace the mission of helping our Learners Explore the Brilliance the lies within themselves.  We would love for you to join us in our mission!

This year our FTO will be led by a fabulous team of dedicated professionals.  

Jennifer is our President. Jennifer is a mom of six with three that attend Southwest. Jennifer is also a certified tax accountant and notary. While home schooling her 3rd grader, she oversees 8 other kids with virtual learning. Jennifer was nominated by teachers to join the Family Teacher Organization (F.T.O) because of her involvement and help she already provides to the school and her children's classrooms. 

Tamara is our Vice President. Tamara has one son that attends Southwest Elementary.  Tamara is passionate about her job working in Emergency Services; she considers it an honor and privilege. Tamara is also a full time student earning her masters degree in Criminal Justice. Tamara is from Lexington and was nominated by teachers at Southwest to join the Family Teacher Organization (F.T.O.) she has an interest in positively improving teacher morale.

Coco Callahan is our School Improvement Team Representative and Family Engagement Officer. Coco is a digital strategist and enjoys working with nonprofits in the Lexington community. Coco's niece is in the 5th grade at Southwest and she joined the Family Teacher Organization (F.T.O.) to help in assisting the educators and students at her nieces school. Coco is from Lexington and attended Southwest herself (many) years ago.
Makia Cade is our Treasurer and is a Registered Nurse from Lexington. Her daughter  is in 3rd grade at Southwest. Makia joined the Family Teacher Organization (F.T.O.) because she has a desire to be involved and support the education system and those responsible for helping her child learn. This is Makia's third year serving as our treasurer.

We currently have one open position and lots of room to help in our many committees.  If you would like to become a  part of the FTO at Southwest Elementary, please contact one of the above ladies or leave a message with Melanie Hogrefe, SWE bookkeeper, at mhogrefe@lexcs.org.  We look forward to working with you soon.

FTO 2020 Important Dates:

September 3, 2020---First Virtual Meeting Date
September 15, 2020---FTO Planning Meeting  4:30 - 5:30